We provide high quality funded training solutions for industry and the individual learner.

Why Undertake Training?

On-going training is essential to achieve high performance in your organisation.

Achieving and maintaining standards of quality, stabilising or reducing costs, managing supply chains, avoiding waste, rework and repetition, and ensuring a competitive edge are all crucial factors which can be positively impacted by properly designed and deployed training programmes.

In addition, many businesses will have specific ‘key skills’ or regulated activities which require a trained workforce, health and safety considerations, or the need to ensure staff are able to undertake more than one series of tasks.

For businesses looking to apply training to their organisation, please get in touch.

Our funded training solutions are aimed at the business and the individual learner, with a heavy focus on Lean skills - an essential core component in today's industry.

In order to ensure the right training is delivered, we take the time to develop a deep understanding the business first. This results in a unique training programme focused on achieving maximum results for the business and the individual.

Popular funded training courses include:

Our clients’ needs vary from business to business, however our expertise lies in meeting their core specific competency requirements. This is often for the whole workforce but also for developing new starter induction programmes.

We expertly map the requirements of the qualification standard to the needs of the employer or individual and make the qualification fit for purpose.

Our courses include a range of National Vocational Qualifications and Vocationally Related Qualifications including: Lean, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supervisory, Leadership and Management, Business Administration and Warehouse and storage.

Many businesses look to privately fund training programmes. We make sure we develop a clear understanding of the business in order to create the right training each time, always focusing on the outcome.

Our commercial training includes:

We also provide Engineering Maintenance training at Level 3 as well as creating core competency skills from electrical fault finding to loom building.

Here’s a sample of some of the commercial training we provide: