We Provide Funded Lean Training to Streamline Efficiency and Profits For Your Business

Qualitrain and its delivery partners are leading providers of Lean and Six Sigma-based training programmes


Discover Your Starting Point in Your Organisation. Take this lean assessment now, and identify where your current starting point should be.

Improved & Efficient Processes

Reduced cost, increased profit

Save Time by Shortening Cycle Times

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Through combining the skills and techniques of Lean & Six Sigma, we can help you optimise the performance and production of your organisation.

Allowing you to stabilise your business and increase profit margins.

And it works for all types of businesses.

Lean traditionally focuses on the elimination of eight kinds of waste, known as defects. These are: over-production, waiting, non-utilised talent, transportation, motion and extra processing.

The principles we cover:

Identify Your Gaps

Discover Your Starting Point in your organisation

Take this lean assessment and identify where your current starting point should be.

Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy creates ring fenced funding for Apprenticeship training for employers with a payroll greater than £3million.

Maximising the use of this can be painful. We take that pain away by offering an end-to-end fully managed Levy service solution, ensuring maximum return on investment.

We help you offset the levy against your current learning and development budget.

Lean toolkits

Lean Manufacturing Operative
Lean Manufacturing Operative
Improvement Technician
Improvement Technician
Improvement Practitioner
Improvement Practitioner
Improvement Specialist
Improvement Specialist
Improvement Leader
Improvement Leader

Identify your gaps...

Take the Lean
Benchmark assessment

The questions are all based on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the absolute best/perfect. As you go through the questions give your answers based on this scale.

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