General Welder Apprenticeship

Solidifying skills

Level 2 General Welder (arc processes) Apprenticeship

Solidify the skills of your team

A General Welder works with metals to create high-strength welds in 2 welding positions, using at least 1 arc welding process.

Welding is a way to make high strength joints between two or more parts. General Welders use high electrical energy to form an arc. Manual dexterity is essential in controlling the arc, which is used to melt metals, allowing them to fuse together to form a structurally sound weld.

Welding is used extensively and in almost every sector of industry. There is a high demand for skilled General Welders in areas such as: automotive, marine, transport, general fabrication, construction and many more. General Welders produce items like components for cars; ships; rail vehicles; simple metallic containers; and steelwork for bridges, buildings and gantries. Welding is a safety critical occupation and every welder takes responsibility for the quality and accuracy of their work. General Welders are required to produce joints that satisfy basic quality standards in order to ensure that the finished products function correctly, contributing to the safety of all and the global quality of life.

Skilled, qualified, professionally certified General Welders can work anywhere in the world and provide services in harshest of environments. For these accomplished professionals, the monetary rewards can be significant.

There is a highly complex range of welding skills:  the different arc welding processes require different levels of manual dexterity, knowledge and skill to avoid making defective welds. There are a wide range of metallic materials that can be welded, each with different properties and behaviours.

Role requirements of a general welder

General Welders will have the skill to:

General Welders will have the knowledge to:

General Welders will display the following behaviours:

More information about the Core Knowledge and Skills, and the entry requirements can be found here.


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