Apprenticeship Levy

Maximum Benefit, Minimum Cost

The Apprenticeship Levy has changed the landscape of learning and development for larger employers.

As a major commitment to increasing the quality of adult training provision, the government has handed over control to the employers themselves via the Apprenticeship Levy. Along with the responsibility comes the cost – 0.5% of the total wage bill of organisations with a wage bill exceeding £3m.

Key Levy Facts

Handled correctly, the Apprenticeship Levy presents a fabulous opportunity, however most businesses are not equipped to develop, run and accredit apprenticeships and will need assistance in making the most of the potential and avoiding any pitfalls.

An appropriately accredited and experienced training partner is the essential first step.

As a fully-accredited and highly-experienced training provider, we can:

Manage the administration of your Levy pot and Digital Account (DAS) and work with you to develop your approach and delivery.

Support existing or chosen specialist training providers with delivery, performance and achievement.

Help you to develop a long term training plan to ensure best use of your Levy pot.

Transfer some of your Levy to other organisations that can utilise it if you can not.

Complete a Skills Gap Analysis process to identify the apprenticeships which best answer your needs, whatever the age of your workforce.

Provide Matrix accredited and Ofsted supervised Quality and Compliance support to ensure accurate and timely delivery in accordance with your KPIs.

Provide administration and End Point Assessment support if you want to run your own levy-based training programmes.

Neutralise your Learning and Development budget by accessing your Levy pot.

Discover how we can help you maximise the Levy:

Turning a Burden Into a Benefit

The Apprenticeship Levy is a tax to fund all apprenticeships that your organisation will pay whether you use it or not.

Fortunately, the Apprenticeship Standards are designed for all ages and are very flexible.

Given the right assistance, your organisation can use its Levy pot to fund valuable programmes that benefit your workforce and your business.

Thanks to our work in designing and delivering thousands of apprenticeship programmes, our team has the skills and resources to offer a flexible package of assistance to Levy-paying organisations.

We call it CALM.

Deliver Your Own Training

Some Levy-paying organisations, especially larger businesses with many employees and multiple sites will already have in place large-scale in-house training schemes.

Such programmes, whilst vitally important, are expensive to staff and run – yet these same organisations will still pay substantial Levy contributions.

We’re able to help your organisation redevelop its in-house training programme to meet the requirements of apprenticeship frameworks, therefore allowing you to fund these important activities (or a substantial part of them) through your Levy pot.

Discover how we can help you maximise the Levy: