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Howard Hits the Heights!

Qualitrain’s Howard Davall has gained Six Sigma Black Belt accreditation, a major achievement and great news for the Qualitrain customers who will go on to benefit from his specialist knowledge.

Howard, one of Qualitrain’s longest-standing trainers, undertook nine months of study to complete the Black Belt course with our colleagues at Capella Associates, tackling a complex project which aimed to reduce process errors. The project not only gained Howard his qualification, but also reduced the error rate from 24% to 9% – a great result all round.

“Six sigma is a remarkable tool that allows very complex problems to be resolved through the use of statistical analysis, said Howard. “Once a study shows the data to be accurate, game-changing solutions can be designed that would simply not be possible by tackling one issue at a time. I’m looking forward to putting these new skills at the disposal of our clients.”