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Preparing for End Point Assessment

Preparing for End Point Assessment

What is End Point Assessment?

End Point Assessment is the final assessment for an Apprentice to ensure that they can do the job they have been training for.

End Point Assessment (EPA) is separate to any qualifications or other assessments that the apprentice may undertake during the on‑programme stage of the apprenticeship.
At the end of an Apprenticeship, the Apprentice will go through a ‘gateway’ process where they are signed-off by their employer as ready for a final assessment of their knowledge and practical capabilities.

The Independent Assessment Organisation (IAO) and the assessor are a separate organization to the training provider and employer. This ensures for a fair and valid assessment

Tips for preparing for EPA:

Make time

Apprenticeships involve 20% “off the job” learning. This means that 20% of their working week should be spent on their Apprenticeship. This could be anything from reading through research, to putting together a project. Support your Apprentice as best you can by ensuring this time is available to them so they can keep up to date with their learning. It is important this is done right from the beginning, so they don’t fall behind.

Preparing for End Point Assessment


End Point Assessment is the final point of the apprenticeship where the Employer, Apprentice and Training Provider come together to get over the finish line. Make sure your up to date with any feedback from your Training Provider and have a good idea about how prepared your Apprentice feels.


Regular feedback sessions with your apprentice will ensure you know the progress of their learning and determine whether they’re ready for EPA. The Training Provider will only put an Apprentice forward for EPA when they know they are ready, so it’s important you are up to date with their learning journey throughout the process to allow you to support as much as possible.

Your training provider will work closely with you to ensure the apprentice has the skills and knowledge to undertake their EPA and more importantly, has all their evidence prepared. 

Good Luck!

Chrissie Baker - Qualitrain Digital Marketing Executive

Chrissie Baker

Digital Marketing Executive

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