Matrix Accreditation Renewed

A year on from Qualitrain’s initial assessment and accreditation by the Matrix standard’s assessors, our annual review has congratulated the Qualitrain team on its programme of continuous improvement.

“Given we spend so much of our time helping other businesses to improve their performance,” said Qualitrain’s Richard Bates, “it is entirely appropriate that we too should be subject to some rigorous assessment! No organisation is so good that it can’t improve, and we have worked hard to implement the tweaks and refinements to our delivery that Matrix has helped to identify. It all leads to a better experience for trainees and employers, and the most effective deployment of our programmes.”

Provided by EMQC Ltd on behalf of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the Matrix standard is a unique quality framework for the effective delivery of information, advice or guidance on learning and work. The standard promotes quality in our sector by ensuring organisations review, evaluate and develop their service, and is already used by universities, colleges, training providers and schools, as well as private businesses and other organisations.