ILM Qualifications from Qualitrain

Qualitrain is delighted to announce the acquisition of CeTrain, an well-respected management training provider.

CeTrain has long been managed by Celia Billau, and the Qualitrain team is especially pleased to have attracted someone with Celia’s valuable experience to join us and help broaden our total offering.

Celia has a wealth of experience in education and training, and is well versed in providing engaging and stimulating training events for those who are aspiring to new heights in their careers as leaders and managers.

“Celia’s long career in Further Education allows her to cover a wide range of areas within Business, Management and Accounting, which we know will be of great value to existing and future clients,” said Qualitrain MD Richard Bates.

Under Celia’s guidance, training courses can be designed which meet the specific development objectives of the employer and their staff.  By matching the training needs to an ILM accredited course, more tangible and directly valuable outcomes are achieved which can only benefit both the individual and the employer.

“The net result is to win returns on investment for both employer and employee,” said Celia. “By raising the confidence levels in staff through coaching, support and achievement, individuals can reach their personal goals and benefit their employer.”