Six Sigma Now Fundable from Levy

A game-changing development has occurred in UK provision of Six Sigma training; the benchmark programme for organisations wanting to operate at the peak of efficiency.

Businesses and organisations in all sectors have long accepted the huge gains in efficiency and quality they can access using Six Sigma techniques and have accordingly invested heavily in full-cost training. Now new apprenticeship standards have been made available: Improvement Technician and Improvement Practitioner, which equate to the familiar Yellow Belt and Green Belt qualifications.

This means that businesses paying the Apprenticeship Levy can use their contributions to fund these vital improvement programmes for the first time. Non-Levy payers will also be able to obtain funding for 90% of these programmes.

“Qualitrain and its delivery partners have been preparing for this excellent news for many months now,” said Qualitrain Group CEO Richard Bates, “and our teams are ready to go. We expect these new standards to be a hugely popular in manufacturing and throughout industry and beyond. Furthermore, in the coming months new standards equivalent to Black Belt and Master Black Belt programmes will also become available and fundable through the Levy.

There has never been a better opportunity for large employers to access vital process improvements within their businesses and we have the expertise ready and waiting to help them get there.”