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Fully Funded Training Success for OTM

The following is quoted from the leading national trade publication Print Week.

Opus Trust Marketing, a document and postal service company, has recently introduced Management and Leadership training for some of its younger staff, as well as implementing training for new machinery. “The reason we’ve brought in a training department is that print is a fast-changing industry – we’re getting new clients and new machinery all the time.

“Of course, there’s also the health and safety element – there’s the distinct possibility of someone getting hurt or not doing the job properly if they’re just told to go and use a piece of machinery,” says Janine McFarlane, head of HR at Opus. The company has also introduced professional qualifications for promising staff who want to progress in the company. “We’ve brought in programmes for our young and shining stars to move into senior positions,” she says.

Opus partnered with Derby-based training company Qualitrain to deliver its skills programme. Aside from delivering the training, there was another important aspect Qualitrain brought to the table: taking the pain out of getting access to the funding. In fact, it meant that Opus didn’t have to fill in one form. “They come in, deliver the training and access the grant. It can be a minefield, but they can walk you through it,” says McFarlane.

If you’re working with an external agency, it’s important to get one that aligns properly to your business. “Find someone who will offer support with generating funded training,” advises McFarlane. “They can almost become part of your organisation.”