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What areas do Qualitrain cover?

We specialise in business improvementsproviding funded lean six sigma training. Our other areas of expertise include Rail Engineering, Tunnelling, Welding, Quality and Leadership and Management.

What is the minimum cohort number?

For an organisation to have their own apprenticeship delivered just to their staff we would need a cohort size of approximately 8-12 depending on the level of the course. These courses can be delivered online or on site. We do offer open programmes where organisations can add single or small numbers of learners to a programme with other organisations which would be delivered online only

What is the enrolment process?

Our enrolment process is quite straightforward, we engage with the employer and the apprentice first to ensure the course is right for the learner and the organisation, then the compliance paperwork needs to be completed which is done online in most cases. After the learner has had the time to review the course and the requirements we arrange a session to launch the programme and complete all the paperwork required, again this is mainly done online. 

What is the delivery method for the Open Programmes?

Our Open Programme allow multiple employers to send individuals or small cohorts to us for training. The delivery is all online using Microsoft Education for virtual classrooms, we provide each apprentice with their own Microsoft Student licence so everything is kept separate from an organisations internal systems. 

The course is made up of 2 parts; technical (classroom) training which is done in groups, and implementation & projects which are delivered as a combination of one-to-one and groups. This allows for the implementation to be contextualised for each organisation. 

Training is delivered as 1 full classroom day in Microsoft Teams, twice a month with plenty of activities and breaks to ensure an interesting and productive learning journey. 

What are the different apprenticeship levels equivalent to?

  • Level 2 – Intermediate – 5 GCSE passes 
  • Level 3 – Advanced – 2 A-Level passes 
  • Level 4 – Higher – Foundation degree 
  • Level 5 – Higher / Degree – Full Degree  
  • Level 6 – Degree – Full Degree 


How can I access funding?

The apprenticeship Levy can be accessed via your apprenticeship service account. We can help you access the funding and manage your account. Learn how to register your account. Learn how to register for an account here. 

How does the Apprenticeship Levy work?

Large employers with a pay bill of over £3 million pay 0.5% of their total annual pay bill into the Levy. 0.5% of their total annual pay bill is paid monthly into the Levy. The levy is there to fund apprenticeship training for all employers, large and small. Any unspent levy funds are used to support existing apprentices to complete their training and to pay for apprenticeship training for smaller employers. Smaller employers – those with a total annual pay bill of less than £3million – pay just 5% of the cost of their apprenticeship training and the Government pays the rest. 

Learn more here. 

How does funding work for a non-levy employer?

You will pay 5% towards the cost of your training directly to the training provider and the government will pay the rest. If you’re a small business and employ less than 50 people, the Government will pay 100% of the apprenticeship training costs up to the funding band maximum for apprentices aged: 

  • 16 to 18.  
  • 19 to 24 with an education, health and care plan provided by their local authority or has been in the care of their local authority.  

Other initiatives are available from time to time and Qualitrain can advise if there is any additional funding or grants that organisations are eligible for. 

If you exceed the funding band maximum, you’ll need to pay all the additional costs. This could be for additional training that you have a specific need for but is not covered in the apprenticeship or for licence acquisition. 


What is Lean?

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of skills and techniques that are used to optimise the performance of an organisation, subsequently resulting in improved efficiency. This can increase profit margins, or in failing organisations, stabilise the business. 

They can be applied to any type of business, not just manufacturing.  Learn more here. 

Where can Lean be used?

Lean can be used across all industries and sectors. While historically Lean has been a popular tool in manufacturing, these days lean philosophy can be applied across the business, from production to sales and marketing. 

Student Card
Can I register for student card?

Learners can register for a NUS card which is valid for the duration of the apprenticeship. For a small fee, the card unlocks a wealth of discounts and offersLearn more here. 

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