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Employers Lose £26 million of Levy Funds

A report from the Skills Minister has revealed that employers lost out on using a staggering £26 million of their own apprenticeship levy funds in June 2019.

That means a total of £37 million has been simply paid to the government after the first two months that levy funds can expire from employers’ DASS accounts.

“These statistics are remarkable,” said Qualitrain MD Leon Bowler. “Fortunately the customers we deal with have largely taken our advice and used their Levy pot to benefit their own businesses.

“Our constant mantra has been for businesses to use their Levy funding to drive improvement programmes which can not only capture the benefit within the organisation in question, but also drive improvements in Quality, Cost and Delivery that bring additional bottom line rewards. It’s remarkable that more major businesses haven’t followed this example.

“The new Improvement standards are a perfect vehicle for businesses who want to get maximum ROI from their Levy contributions, and I’d encourage any business that wants to stop handing over the money that could buy them a better and more profitable future, to give us a call!”